Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blue Fire

First let's establish this: I'm a horrible mother because my two-year-old is still addicted to a pacifier.

OK, let's move on to the rest of the story.

Before WCK was born, I'd see older kids with pacifiers and think, "Why do the parents keep buying the pacifiers for them? Why don't they just take them away?" Ha. Naive me.

In my defense, I'm very strict about WCK only getting the pacifier at bedtime and naptime, and it has to remain in the crib at all other times. Still, she is hooked on this thing. She started taking a pacifier as a newborn when I bought her a bunch of First Years brand pacifiers. After a while, my plan was to let all of the pacifiers get worn out and cracked and gross and lost and then sort of phase them out of her life. We got down to the last pacifier and ... I chickened out.

I went to Wal-Mart to get a fresh supply, only to discover that, apparently, First Years doesn't make pacifiers anymore. I bought her a different brand, thinking she'd never know the difference. Oh, she knew. She knew. She will only suck on her solitary First Years pacifier. It's blue, and she calls it "Blue Fire". She'll inevitably lose it in the middle of the night and call out for it, and it sounds like this: "Buh-leeeeeeew Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-rrrrrrrrrrrre! Mommy! Help! Buh-leeeeeew Fiiiiiiiii-rrrrrrre!" Then Mommy has to go search under the crib, under the clown doll, under the blankie for the Blue Fire until the matter is resolved to WCK's satisfaction.

Every day, I say to Jay, "What are we going to do if anything ever happens to Blue Fire? We're all doomed."

Doomed, I say. Until today. I found salvation on Ebay.

That's right. I found a whole mess of brand new, still-in-the-package Blue Fires on Ebay, and they are speeding toward our home as we speak. Want to make a ton of money? Sell discontinued pacifiers on Ebay. Some poor sap parent is going to be willing to pay you hundreds of dollars. (I only paid $9.99 for my big pack o' pacifiers, but I probably would have gone higher.)

Thank you, Ebay. You saved our family.


Renee said...

Don't feel bad - Abby still has hers at bedtime/naptime and in the van. I think it's the only thing that makes her happily head to the van when we leave the house and the reason we have no trouble getting her in her crib. She's so happy to see her binkies that she puts up no fight about going to bed! Ethan had his until he was 4 (of course we didn't take them out in public) - we mailed them away (literally - went to the post office) on his 4th b-day. And he's a perfectly functioning happy kindergartener;)

David E said...

We did this; when you pull the last one out of the package explain to her that one it's lot or 'goes bad' no more.

The only problem with this theory is you've apparently just ordered a supply large enough to last until she's in high school!! Good luck with that!

Sunshine said...

Be of good cheer...
And focus on positives.
Our son who sucked his thumb is now 39 years old... and he hasn't sucked his thumb in 35 years.
You are doing great: Believe that.
Your wonderful sense of humor will help you to make it.

jill said...

When all else fails, use bribery. The dentist told my mom I must stop sucking my thumb when I was four because it was pushing my teeth out, i.e. giving me "buck teeth." This was the golden agae of the Cabbage Patch doll and they told me they would buy me one of those creepy Cabbage Patch animal things which I Had To Have. It worked!

Karen's sister said...

I've been watching WCBII and thinking a lot about how these little girls are so much like their mothers. I remember that you used to like to suck your thumb, and if I remember that, you must have been 4 or so. That means that WCK is probably just like you, and as we all know, you turned out okay, so don't feel weird about it. Heck, she's two, why pressure her to conform? Better a clean "blue fire" than a nasty, dirty toddler thumb.

Anonymous said...

Well, watch out. I've never been able to give up my sucking habit and carried it well into my adult years. So, yes, this can happen.