Sunday, May 27, 2007

We'll eat you up, we love you so!

Here's a big Where the Wild Things Are update: At least it's not just me.

Last night, WCK informed me -- while laughing so hard she could barely speak -- that this Wild Thing is Me-Ma (that would be "Grandma" to the layperson):

This tiny little guy, who is seen in one illustration riding on Me-Ma's back, is -- hee hee hee hee -- Be-Pa:

She didn't specify which Me-Ma and Be-Pa they were. I guess all four of them can feel free to fight for the titles.

This is Daddy:

This one, she just calls "Chicken":

And, in an odd twist, she named this one after herself:

This makes everything better. You see, Me-Mas, Be-Pas, Daddy, and chickens everywhere: She is laughing with us, not at us. At least that's what she wants us to believe.

Speaking of WCK laughing, on Saturday we took her to the Kansas City zoo. We all had a great time, and WCK was absolutely enthralled; however, having grown up near Omaha I'm a bit of a zoo snob. I believe Omaha has the greatest zoo in the entire world. People aways say, "Really? Omaha?" Yes, really! If you go there and aren't 100 percent satisfied, I will work to get an official Wild Thing named after you.

Anyway, I spent a lot of the time secretly grumbling in my head about how much better the Omaha zoo is, but WCK spent most of the time laughing out loud. We saw a parrot getting wet in a bird bath thing, and she laughed uproariously for a good 10 minutes. Passersby were more interested in watching WCK laughing than they were in watching the animals. Now, all we have to do is say, "WCK, did you see a parrot taking a bath?" She'll think for a minute and then burst into giggles and exclaim, "Funny!!!"

She was also obsessed with a rhino she saw taking a nap. She'll remind us about 10 times a day: "Rhino! Nap! Eyes closed!" She even went as far as to suggest that the rhino needed a pacifier and a clown and a froggy -- her required nap time stuffed animals. I told her that maybe the rhino would ring our doorbell one day and want to nap in the crib with her. She thought it over and agreed that that would be fine. I guess after all those Wild Things, a rhino at the door can't be too scary.

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Anonymous said...

We were at the zoo on Saturday also - too bad we didn't run into you. They have made so many improvements!
:)Lisa C.