Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Round Two

I started the second cycle of Revlimid last night. After another big hoopla with the pharmacy, Mr. McFeely brought it by yesterday morning at the very last minute. If you happen to be a newly diagnosed myeloma patient who somehow came across this blog, here is one piece of advice for you: If anyone in the whole pharmaceutical bureaucracy promises you that "everything is all taken care of" and/or "you don't have to do anything", don't believe them. Do it anyway, even if it makes you look like a giant pain in the butt. When I started the first cycle, the pharmacy told me that they had a system that would automatically alert my doctor one week before I needed a refill, and everything would be put into motion. When I hadn't heard a word by last Friday, I called the pharmacy only to find that some kind of computer error had knocked me out of their system, and, with just one day to go, they didn't know they had to refill anything.

I'm calling really early next time.

But everything is OK now, and I'll actually find out if the stuff is working by the end of this cycle. That's something to look forward to. Just this morning, I read Teresa's blog, where she reported that her husband's M-spike is now COMPLETELY GONE after about four months on Revlimid. HOORAY!

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Karen's sister said...

That's so cool about the rev. I hope it works the same miracle with you!! Mom said something about if your M-spike drops to a certain level, then maybe they can harvest your marrow for a transplant at a later date. Is that true? That would be really cool.

Maybe you should have a chant for your rev., like, "Rah rah ree, kick myeloma in the knee! Rah rah rass, kick myeloma in the other knee!"
Okay, so that's silly, but I want to give the rev. all the encouragement it needs.