Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh, and about your marrow again ...

A while back, I posted how you could become a bone-marrow donor for free. I know a few of you tried it, only to find the promotional code had been used up. Now you have another chance! Check it out!

"Starting May 7th the National Marrow Donor Program is typing people for free! In an effort to help all patients in need, the National Marrow Donor Program kicks off its national Thanks Mom Marrow Donor Drive on Monday, May 7, with a goal of adding 20,000 new donors to the National Marrow Donor Program Registry in two weeks. Thanks Mom will run May 7-21 and sponsor free marrow donor drives online at marrow.org and in more than 350 cities nationwide. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 60, in good health and willing to help any patient is eligible to join, free of charge, from May 7 - 21, at a donor drive in their city or by registering online."

Woo hoo! Visit http://www.marrow.org to sign up!


amanda said...

Thanks for the plug for this! I already signed up, and am urging others to do so as well.

Jen D said...

Hi there,

My name is Jenny and I am part of an online community called CarePlace, for people with similar health concerns and their caregivers. I came across your blog and story and want to introduce you to our site.

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It’s important to us to get feedback from people like you about CarePlace as we develop our site. Site address is www.CarePlace.com. Please add me as a friend (profile name Jen D). I would very much appreciate any insight and thoughts you have about our organization and the site.

Thanks in advance!

Jenny (jend)

Kristen D. said...

I actually joined the National Marrow Registry last year as a prospective donor, and paid $52. I didn't mind paying the fee, as I know that the costs of typing are expensive and I considered the money to be a donation in and of itself. But I think that their campaign to offer to waive the fee is a great way to bring more desperately-needed donors, especially those who would otherwise be unable to afford the fee and want to help.

Like Amanda (above), I also talk to others about signing up. Spread the word! I have had a brother-in-law whose life was saved through a bone marrow transplant, and a friend of the family who passed away last year, as doctors were unable to find a suitable match for her. Until we find a way to beat this awful disease, as many people need to sign up as donors that qualify. It really is a pretty simple procedure...and it could one day save a life!