Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It's gotten to the point where everybody knows my name at the Cancer Center. I walked in today, and the front desk lady just automatically knew my first name; she didn't even have to look up my chart or anything. I'm like the Norm Peterson of the Cancer Center.

Anyway, I went in for my weekly blood count, and everything is looking really good. My white blood cells and platelets are all normal -- in fact, they're better than they ever have been -- and my hemoglobin is up to a whopping 11.3! A week ago, it was just 10. Now,11.3 still means I'm anemic, but just barely. It's a much better number than 10. They also ran an INR test to make sure I'm still handling the Coumadin OK. My number was 1.5, which is up just a little bit from last week, when it was 1.3. The higher the number, the thinner your blood, so mine is just a teeny bit thinner than before. Still, 1.5 is an OK number for me, and they're not going to change my dose.

Whew. Only one more week of Revlimid, and then I get a week off! Woo hoo!

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