Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lots of screaming and blood ...

... but not both at the same time, thank goodness.

WCK had her two-year checkup this morning. We'd been preparing for this for weeks. I got her a toy doctor kit, and we'd been giving checkups to her stuffed animals and talking about how great it was to go see the doctor. We'd been watching "Elmo Visits the Doctor" faithfully and discussing it on a regular basis. WCK seemed enthused. I thought we were ready.

The second the doctor walked through the door, WCK started screaming and didn't stop until the end of the appointment. I missed a lot of what the doctor was saying. The important tidbits: WCK is of average weight, average height, and above-average intelligence. But we already knew that.

As soon as we got home, WCK went back to giving physicals to her stuffed animals, as though she had just loooooved her doctor experience. Mmm hmm.

Then in the afternoon, I went to my own doctor without screaming. (At least I've been paying attention to what Elmo has to say). My hemoglobin is back up to 11.3 (woo hoo!), white cells are back into the normal range, and everything else is good. My INR is up where the doctor wants it to be. No problems. I don't go back until June 8, and that's when I have the Big Tests to find out if the Revlimid is working. I'm back on Doctor Vacation until then. Life is good.

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Sunshine said...

Hurrah for vacation from doctors.
Enjoy the blessings.