Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everybody! Hope it was a good one. I also hope part of your celebration included signing up to be a bone-marrow donor FOR FREE though the "Thanks, Mom!" promotion at It's only free until May 21, and then you have to go back to paying $52 to sign up. Signing up is really easy and painless, too. True, I guess if you actually match somebody, then it's not quite so easy and painless, but you could end up saving someone's life. Isn't that worth it in the end?

Really, if it is a fear of needles or doctors or whatever that's keeping you away ... really, it's not so bad. I used to be a HUGE needle wimp. HUGE. Once, years ago, the office where I worked was giving away free flu shots, and I didn't go get one simply because I was scared of the needle. A short while later, just because the universe likes to make fun of me, I got the worst flu I've ever gotten in my entire life. I still didn't get over my needle fear. Nowadays, because I don't really have a choice, I have all kinds of needles in me, and I don't even care. I've had two bone-marrow biopsies, one without sedation. Last week, the lab tech couldn't find a vein and was just digging and digging and digging the needle around in my arm for several minutes, and I didn't even care. It didn't even hurt. You'd think it would, but it didn't.

My point, and I do have one, is if a total needle wimp like me can now withstand multiple bone-marrow biopsies and needles repeatedly digging in my arm, then strong people like you can do anything. So go sign up.

Where was I? Oh, Mother's Day.

Jay and WCB took me out for dinner, and WCB got chocolate milk, so she was absolutely delirious with happiness. They also gave me a gift certificate for a massage, which I realize is the exact same present I got last Mother's Day, but I think it's the greatest present in the world, so I don't care if that's what I get every year for the rest of my life.

Hope you all had an equally happy day.

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Cynthia Wieneke said...

Hi C.G.

I enjoyed reading your blog.I had a stem cell transplant in 1999 and was in the hospital for the Millennium. I was doing well for over 7 years when a biopsy showed a glimmer of a return so I went on Revlimid. What a joy to just pop a pill along with 12 doses of Dexamethazone per month for 4 months. I now take 4 per month which is a breeze. I was very pleased to hear that with these drugs MM is considered a treatable condition, and not an incurable disease as I was told when I was first diagnosed, and was told I had 7-8 years to live. I have been very sucessfull in finding ways around the side effects if you would like any suggestions.I was 53 when diagnosed and was told that was very young since it was an older person's disease mostly men.I hear about people like yourself being diagnosed at a very young age. I can't wait to hear the answer to the burning question of what the cause is. Anyway, good luck to you, attitude is everything, and you sound like you have a very good one.