Thursday, May 03, 2007

The eyeballs are here! The eyeballs are here!

WCB is going to have a ladybug-themed birthday party. I've been working hard on it. My plan is to make cupcakes that look like ladybugs, which is a little bit scary, since I am very non-artistic, especially with baked goods. I wasn't sure how I was going to make the eyes, until I found out you could go online and order tiny eyeballs made out of sugar. A package of sugar eyeballs just arrived at our front door yesterday. They're still sitting in the box, staring at me pitifully, like, "Please don't make us look stupid on the cupcakes, woman."

I hope I don't let them down.

I keep worrying that I ordered the wrong size of eyeballs. I think they're going to be too small. Then I think that if my biggest worry in life is about the size of my fake ladybug eyeballs, then I'm a lucky girl.

In other news: I'm doing a little better. Every week, I'm going to get a call from the nurse at the special pharmacy that dispenses my Revlimid so she can answer questions about side effects and things. She called yesterday and was really helpful. She said drinking a ton of water can help with the fatigue. I've been trying that, and it does seem to help. She also suggested getting a nasal spray for the nosebleeds, and they went away as soon as I started that. It's so liberating to be nosebleed-free.


John Wagner said...

Hmm, I Googled an image search for 'ladybug eyeballs' - really. (But just searching 'ladybug' worked better--fewer strange eyeballs showed up.) You're safe. All kinds of sizes were represented, so size doesn't really matter. They need to be bug-eyed anyway.

Seriously though, I am really, really pleased to see that you are doing better!

Brooke said...

Now that I know you're going to have ladybug cupcakes, I might just have to quit my job to make it to the party!:) You'd better take pictures!

Karen's sister said...

Just have fun with the cupcakes. A few months ago my friend Gina had a bunch of us girls over to help her with a class assignment. She had to gave a group try something with written directions, then try the same thing after seeing video directions. So she chose to have us make these "baby bootie" cakes. Her assignment was to compare how we did with each set. Well, when we had the written instructions, we had so much fun. We laughed and each made unique baby booties, and just had a good time. We all thought they looked really good! And then Gina got out Martha Stewart. We watched the video. Martha made these perfect, life-like baby bootie cakes. We cried. The next round of trying to make the cakes was full of swearing and self-defeating grumbles. And really, the second set turned out much worse than the first. But then we started laughing about how bad we all felt. And we're still laughing. Do post a picture on the blog though of how they turn out. I want to see these sugar eye balls!