Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dex, dex, dex

Yesterday was my second dose of dex, and again I got through it OK. I remembered to drink my Diet Coke, so I didn't get a headache this time, and I still got a good night's sleep. In fact, all day yesterday I still felt pretty tired, and this was on 40 mg of dex and caffeine. I've always been really hard to wake up. Lifelong problem.

Today I feel pretty good, although last week the pattern went like this:

Dex Day: Slightly crappy.
Day After Dex Day: Good.
Second Day After Dex Day: Really crappy.

Although last Monday (the Second Day After Dex Day) I was dealing with chronic nosebleeds, a cold, a sick child, an emergency trip to the Cancer Center, and a broken toilet that was leaking through the living room ceiling. (Yeah, I never blogged about that one. My dad drove down and fixed it, and now everything is fine. Thank you, Dad!) My point is, maybe all of that stuff was making me feel really crappy, and not the dex withdrawal. Who knows? I feel like I am constantly in a science experiment, and there is no control group.

Now, don't get me wrong about the sleep: I am REALLY, REALLY happy that I am still able to sleep on the Dex. On the other hand, back before I started taking it and was hearing all of these stories about how I'd be awake for 36 hours straight, I started planning all of these projects I could get done in the middle of the night. I could get a ton of reading done. I could clean out closets. I could go to Wal-Mart when there were no crowds. I could catch up on all of the Oprah episodes I have stored in the TiVo. Now all of my projects are going undone.

Yes, I just categorized watching Oprah as a "project."


mplsdeanna said...

I'm pretending that Dex is that helpful guy on the Qwest directory assistance commercials. "I am still able to sleep on the Dex," Karen wrote. Heh heh heh.

Karen's sister said...

Hey, mplsdeanna is right. When I saw "Dex," it reminded me of the big, lizard like - but very helpful short-order cook creature that Obi Wan goes to see in Episode II. Who can forget Ewan McGregor's smile when he walks in and says, "Hello Dex!"