Thursday, May 17, 2007

Big day, big girl!

The big day is here! My WCB is two!!

This morning we went to our toddler music class, and then I took her out for a mother-daughter lunch at Panera Bread. She got to have some birthday chocolate milk, so she was in an exceptionally good mood. I know, that's two chocolate milks in one week. It's been a big week. She kept taking sips and exclaiming, "Mmm! Sish-ous!!!" (Translation: Mmm! Delicious!") We had some excellent conversations, including one about the sounds that various animals make and one about how exciting it was that a car out in the parking lot went, "Beep! Beep!" She also let me know that she thinks I'm silly. I asked her who else she thought was silly. The official list includes Daddy, Aunt Kim, Be-Pa (She didn't specify which Be-Pa, but I think they're both pretty silly), and Elmo.

If any of the rest of you make The Official Silly List, I will let you know.

And as much as it pains me, I know today means it's time for a change. WCB is a big girl now; once you turn two, you're officially no longer a baby. Here's the official name change: Beginning today, I have to start calling her WCK: World's Cutest Kid.

My baby's a kid now. I need to go lie down.


Abigail said...

Happy Birthday WCK! I was going to suggest WCT (World's Cutest Toddler) but I can see how WCK would have more panache. Don't forget to post the pictures of the ladybugs.

Laughing Plasma said...

My GOB (Great Older Brother) shares a B-day with WCK! Interesting factoid for me at least... You can keep WCT on the back burner for the Worlds Cutest Teen. Possibly a oxymoron for many Moms, but not the ACG (Adventurous Cancer Girl)

David E said...
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David E said...

After what may become known as "The Petting Zoo Incedent", perhaps WCEK - worlds cutest evil baby?

Oh course, just kidding!!!
Happy B-Day WCB...I mean WCK!!!

Anonymous said...

I obviously won't make the silly list! Pretty sure I am on the scary list - maybe as a two year old WCK will grow to like elephants!
Happy Birthday!
(I promise we won't bring elefun to the party)

WCK's Silly Aunt said...

Since I am silly, should I then be called WSA, World's Silliest Aunt, or is this already taken by the Woman's Softball Assosciation? Also, I think WCK's other aunts are quite silly too so maybe I should take this title. What about WCA for World's Cutiest Aunt. Does everyone like that idea? Anyone? Anyone??

mplsdeanna said...

I know we're supposed to be all "awww" when we think about little babies becoming kids, but all I ever, ever think about when I think about Nora's birth is how it screwed up your Star Wars plans, and how she came RIGHT before the whirlpool suites at your hospital were opened. Heh heh heh. Kids ruin EVERYthing. (Good think they're cute.)