Friday, April 06, 2007

You say it's your birthday, na nananana na na

It's my birthday, too, yeah.

Today I'm the big 3 - 2. Last year, my goal for age 31 was to have no health drama all year. I missed that by just a few weeks. Thanks a lot, universe! Now I declare this is going to be the Year of The Great Cancer Butt-Kicking. Here's what I'm going to do: Every time I go to the cancer center, they print out a form that goes in a plastic folder that I have to carry around and give to the lab people, nurses, etc. The top of the form lists all of my information: Name, birth date, insurance info, etc. It also says in big, black letters: "MYELOMA w/o remission."

This year, I'm getting rid of that stupid "w/o."

That said, I still haven't heard back about how everything is going with the Revlimid. I was able to have my blood test on Wednesday, and I picked up my other prescriptions from Wal-Mart yesterday, so I'm done with my part. The Wal-Mart pharmacist: "Looks like he has you on a huge dose of this steroid once a week. What's up with THAT?" Nice. Actually, compared with the "old-fashioned" way of treating myeloma, I'm on a low dose of the steroid. I'm on 40 mg one day a week, while a lot of people are on 40 mg a day every day for four days in a row, then four days off, then four days back on, and so on. A new study released just a couple of days ago showed that the low-dose regimen is the best way to treat newly diagnosed patients. I'm glad Dr. H is way ahead of things.

Anyway, back to the waiting game. And hopefully some cake.


gina said...

Happy Biirrrrthdaay tooo Yoooouuu.
Happy Biiirrrrthdaaayyy tooo Yoooouu.
Happy BIIIRRRTTHDDAAAAY dear Cancergirlwhoisgoingtokickmyeloma'sbuttnomatterwhaaaattttt.
Happpppyyyy Birrrrthdaaay tooo Yooouuuu!

Laughing Plasma said...

Findings Challenge Traditional Assumption that More-Is-Better when Treating Cancer
- well maybe when it comes to steroids, but what about laughter, presents, kicking butt and singing Happy Birthday to You

amanda said...

Happy birthday, chica. Have some kick-ass cake to go with your kick-ass upcoming year.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!