Monday, April 16, 2007

Yes, I'm bugging you about your marrow again

A few days ago, I told you how you could sign up to be a bone marrow donor online for free. (Check out that post here in case you missed it). I've since heard from my friend Lisa D., who was able to use the code successfully to sign up, so it must still be good! Thank you for signing up, Lisa!!

My friend Brooke (the one who found the code in the first place) also told me today that she got her testing kit. All she had to do was swab the inside of her mouth. That's got to be the easiest medical test ever. I mean, you could do it while lying around watching American Idol.

I once again invite everyone to at least go check out and learn more about becoming a donor. If you decide to sign up, enter Promotional Code G022007 and it will be FREE.


tanajo said...

Hey karen, I'm doing the BMT dance also. Lots of similarities here, who doesn't LOVE the Wizard of Oz??? I haven't made it through all your blogs yet but I'm working on it.The donor code caught my attention! I'm at tanajo.blogspot. Stay well and keep the faith.

amanda said...

Dammit. I just went to sign up (I don't know if I need to, I was tested for compatability with Eric but don't know if I was added to the general database), and the promotional code quota had been used up. But at least there are a good number of people who got to join the database for free.

Thanks for spreading the word on this.