Monday, April 02, 2007

This new-fangled Internet

I got another call late this afternoon from the Revlimid nurse. She's an awfully sweet lady, and I get the feeling that she's going to become my best friend down at the cancer center with all of these phone calls. She called over the weekend to let me know that my steroid pills and my Coumadin (that's a blood thinner I'll take to prevent blood clots from the other medications) had already been called in to the pharmacy. Get this: The Revlimid nurse was a Thalidomide baby. She somehow managed to escape the birth defects, and she's totally fine. You'd never know. I was stunned. She did tell us that she had a twin who didn't make it, and they've always suspected the Thalidomide, but they never knew for sure. Interesting.

Anyway, when I was in on Friday, she forgot to get blood drawn for the pregnancy test that's required every month by the drug company. ("I'm not used to dealing with someone so young," said the Revlimid nurse. Ha! Nobody is!) I have to go in tomorrow and get that done. She hasn't finished the insurance stuff yet, but I told her that Jay and I checked it online, and the web site said we should have a small co-pay. ("That would be great!" said the Revlimid nurse. "I'm not used to dealing with people who know how to use the Internet.") Ha. Now I'm picturing her dealing exclusively with people as old as Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. "Smithers, send this over the faxtrola posthaste."

In other news, I'm back on my annual jellybean buzz. I found a bag of all black ones at Wal-Mart on Sunday. Oh, yeah!

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amanda said...

yum, jelly beans. Friendly nurses and jellybeans make just about anything possible to bear.