Sunday, April 15, 2007

No more karate chops

OK, I admit I've been a little bit stressed out the past couple weeks with all of the doctor stuff. On top of everything else, there was a scary time late last week when the special Revlimid pharmacy called and told me our insurance wasn't going to cover anything. Remember in all of the Muppet movies when Miss Piggy would freak out and start karate-chopping everyone? I really wanted to do that.

Fortunately, it was just a minor miscommunication glitch, and everything is OK now. The Revlimid Nurse and Dr. GPO really went out of their way to get everything all cleared up and to get the process moving again. Now the insurance people say we only have to pay a $20 co-pay every month. We are really, really lucky: According to our insurance company's web site, Revlimid costs around $6,700 ... A MONTH! That's A MONTH, people! And since you take a week off the drug in each monthly cycle of pills, you're only getting 21 pills for your $6,700. Good god.

Anyway. I met with the nurse practitioner last Friday, and she was able to answer most of my questions, plus I got a free Kansas City Cancer Center tote bag just for coming in. Really.

I still don't know all of the details about when I need to go in for my blood tests and stuff, but she said to call when I actually get the medicine and we'll figure everything out from there. I might get it as early as Tuesday. I guess we'll see.

I realized this blog has been about nothing but cancer stuff for a while now, but I still do have a regular life. My whole family was here for Easter. On Good Friday, we took WCB and her cousin (WCB II) to have their pictures taken. The photo studio was having a special event where the kids could pose with real baby animals -- chicks, ducks, bunnies. It seemed like such a good idea on paper; it quickly turned into a terrible idea when WCB began squeezing a baby chick with all her might. Remember how Superman squeezed a lump of coal into a diamond? It was like that. That chick is going to be in therapy (both physical and emotional) for a while.

We'd planned to take WCBs I and II to the Kansas City Easter Parade that Saturday, but it was freezing outside -- like, literally freezing. All of the plants are dead. So my mom watched the babies while Jay, my dad, and our brother-in-law went to a Royals game (cold weather doesn't matter if sports are involved). My sister and I went to -- heh -- Blades of Glory and then wandered around a fabric store. It doesn't get much better than that. On Easter Sunday, Jay and our brother-in-law cooked a ham on the grill. It was really, really good. Let me know if you want the recipe.

This weekend we went to Omaha. Our friends Elizabeth and Spencer have a new baby who was being baptized, and our other good friends DeAnna and Karyn were the godmothers. It was good to see everyone. We now all have six kids between us. Unfortunately, WCB started acting up in church and we had to take her out and spent most of the baptism running around outside. I hear it was good, though.

I'm sure I'll update again soon.

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