Monday, April 23, 2007

Moving! Forward!

Today WCB and I were at the Hobby Lobby picking up some supplies for her upcoming birthday party. I stopped the cart for a minute to browse. WCB got a scowl on her face and told me, "Move! Forward!"

I'd never laughed so hard in a Hobby Lobby in all my life.

When we got home, I found out -- at least according to the information I got today -- that we are indeed moving forward. The Revlimid Nurse called to tell me that the insurance company caved in and is going to let me have the medication after all.


I think I confused everyone (including myself) when I posted that we were going to have great coverage for the medication, and then a week later, I posted that the insurance wasn't going to cover it. A lot of people have been asking me, "How could the insurance company just change their mind?" The nurse explained that the cost was never an issue. They were always going to let me have the $20 co-pay. They just wanted me to have some kind of other chemotherapy before they'd give me the Revlimid. Even though most doctors (including all of the myeloma specialists at Mayo) consider Revlimid the best up-front treatment for myeloma, it's technically only approved by the FDA if you've had at least one previous treatment. Fortunately, Dr. GPO got the insurance people straightened out. I know I've been frustrated over the past few weeks, but I have to say that Revlimid Nurse and Dr. GPO really, really, really went way, way, way out of their way to fight the insurance people and make sure I got this drug. And I appreciate it.

Anyway. I had to call the drug company again and reassure the Speak 'N Spell lady that I'm not pregnant. The Revlimid Nurse said the pharmacy might ship the medicine as early as today. I might get it tomorrow. We'll see.

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mplsdeanna said...

I love the "Move! Forward!" story! (Tom's first sentence to me was "Mama, get up!" when he was on the slide and I wanted to stay on the park bench.)

We do subsitution swearing around here now (thanks, kids), so I wanted to add that insurance companies are a bunch of soulless motherfrackers.