Saturday, April 28, 2007

Four score and seven years ago

Today is Steroid Day. My dad called to see how I was feeling. I was in the basement walking on the treadmill, so Jay talked to him.

ME: What did you tell him?
JAY: Oh, just that you were outside running around naked claiming to be Abraham Lincoln.

Ha HA!!

Actually, I feel OK. I ended up coming down with a bad cold on Thursday: A "can't breathe, talking like Marge Simpson, running the humidifier all night, waking up every hour" cold. Now I don't know if all of all of my cruddy feelings came from the Revlimid or from the cold coming on. I was wiped out all day Friday but I'm pretty sure it was 100 percent because of the cold. This morning I got up at 6 a.m. and took a big pile of steroid pills. Dexamethasone only comes in 4 mg tablets. I need to take 40 mg, which means I take TEN pills at once.

That's a whole lot of pills. It's like there's a pharmacy in my mouth, and everyone's invited.

I'd heard horror stories about the dex, like that it makes you "wired" and crazy, but I'm actually feeling all right now. Maybe I was so tired that it just made me feel "normal." Maybe it takes a long time to kick in. Who knows? But for right now I'm doing OK.

I finally got to watch Lost on the TiVo. It's Jin's baby? Yeah, right.


Red said...


A very brief comment by way of introduction. I am a fellow myelomaniac, 45 y/o male, diagnosed 12/2005 and in remission since a stem-cell transplant last June (and presently on no meds, thank god). Considering the countless hours spent scouring the Internet for myeloma info, I don't know why it took me so long to come across your blog, but I'm extremely glad I have. You are very funny and very brave, and (though you're saying "Yeah, right" as you read this), very fortunate, because you were smart enough to be seeing your doctor regularly, and have your MM detected in its early smoldering stages. Based on my own opposite experience (I was breaking down before I went to the doc), the chances are quite in your favor for keeping a lid on the disease and avoiding the nastier symptoms.

I also admire your ability to talk about your diagnosis and treatment so publicly. I couldn't, and fairly abandoned my own blog,, after diagnosis. You can reach me at the address there if you feel like it...I would be happy to share what I've learned through my own battle with myeloma. (Hint: dex *can* turn you into the Incredible Hulk, just keep in mind that it's the medicine's fault, not yours).

Take care and best wishes. Joshua (Red)

Red said...

PS: I just discovered that Blogger isn't posting the Archives on my blog for some reason. But they're there...somewhere. Hope to have them back up shortly.

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mplsdeanna said...

About all the pills: Can you crush them and put them in a smoothie? That would be awesome. Or a parfait. Even donkeys like parfaits. (I heard it on Shrek. It must be true.)