Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's that time again

I keep forgetting to mention our upcoming trip to the Mayo Clinic. I don't like it when The Adventures of Cancer Girl has to go back to being all about cancer. I just watched an episode of House where Hugh Laurie was faking a deadly brain tumor so he could get his hands on some good drugs. Instead of thinking Dr. House was evil, I thought, "Wow, that would be the greatest thing EVER! I'd love to be able to say, 'Ha! You all thought I had a horrible disease, but I was only FAKING! I TOTALLY don't have cancer! HA! HA! HA!'"

Wouldn't that be cool? All those trips to "the Mayo Clinic"? They were really to Vegas. That jug of "pee" I hauled everywhere I went? It was liquor.


We leave on Sunday (WCB will be with my parents, or as she calls them, Me-Ma and Be-Pa). I get blood drawn and turn in the Pee Pod first thing Monday morning, and then we meet with Dr. H in the afternoon. Hopefully we'll be able to leave right after that and be back Monday night. I don't expect any horrible news, because I feel really good, but you never know.

Speaking of the Mayo Clinic, here's a link to some really cool news. Mayo just opened a clinical trial for myeloma patients using ... the measles virus. Cooooooool.


Gina said...

I thought that was a great HOUSE. I was flipping and didn't know it was HOUSE, but always stop for anyone playing the piano. Flipped out when I realized it was Dave Matthews! Mom felt good enough to play for the first time in a year last week. Good luck at Mayo. No worries. All moms have superpowers, esp. you, Cancer Girl.

Gina said...

More on piano...rec'd this in an email today. Love cats. Love piano. Had to watch it.
Can your cat do this?

oh, and I think Bert's beer is funnier than Grover's smoke. It's not even open. They didn't mean it!!!