Saturday, March 17, 2007

Get it? He's not born yet!

My sister and her family just visited Riverside, Iowa, the Future Birthplace of Captain Kirk. Check it out:

Heh. Nerrrrrrrrrrrrrds!!

If anyone else has visited anywhere wacky, send me the photos. I promise not to make fun of them. Much.

Speaking of my sister and her family, I found out that they're coming to visit us for Easter. My niece (WCB II) is just four months younger than WCB. We're going to have one wild egg hunt in the yard! We went to an egg hunt with our moms' group last Easter, but WCB could only sit on a blanket and look at the eggs, which she seemed to find satisfying. She "found" two, but only because I handed them to her. This year will be very different. I suspect we'll have babies swinging from the trees.

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