Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Don't make me get Mr. Dusty!

WCB is enrolled in our local Parents as Teachers program. This is a free program offered by our school district for kids from birth to age three. Four times a year, a PAT educator visits our home to talk about WCB's learning and development, suggest age-appropriate toys, conduct screenings, those kinds of things. We had our final visit of the school year this morning. Our educator, a very sweet and patient woman I'll call "PAT Lady", was talking about how kids WCB's age can start helping a a little bit around the house. She suggested drawing a face on an old sock that WCB could put over one hand and use to help with the dusting.

I made a visual aid:

PAT Lady put the sock over her own hand and addressed WCB: "Hello!" she said in a cheerful voice. "I'm Mr. Dusty!"

WCB immediately turned away, grabbed on to me for dear life, and screamed in terror. I'm not sure what she found scarier: The appearance of Mr. Dusty, or the actual concept of dusting, an action that WCB has never actually seen performed in her own home. You know now there's going to be a note in her permanent record until she graduates from high school: "Fears Mr. Dusty."

Maybe I could use Mr. Dusty as a discipline tool. "Eat your vegetables, WCB, or Mr. Dusty will have a talk with you."

In other PAT news, WCB passed all of her "tests" this morning with flying colors: She could stack eight blocks, she could pick a kitty out of a lineup of animals, she could point to a dolly's nose. The only test she didn't pass was kicking a ball. Although we play with balls all day every day, she stared at PAT Lady's ball as though she'd never seen one before, again earning another note in her permanent record: "Won't kick ball."

The instant PAT Lady's minivan pulled out of our driveway, WCB exclaimed, "Ball! Kick!" and kicked a ball dramatically across the living room. Sigh.

Mr. Dusty is going to talk to her about this.


mplsdeanna said...

Homer is afraid of sock puppets, too!

Anonymous said...

The thought of dusting scares me to death too! Couldn't WCB help by putting away her toys instead?

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

A talking article of clothing would scare me, too! It's a wonder my furniture doesn't cry out to be dusted. "Help, I can't breath! The dust! The dust!"

I have a great feather duster (that I rarely use b/c I can't get past my paralyzing perfectionism). WCBIII loves it so I bought him a cheap one of his own. He hates it; would rather play with my expensive one. Maybe he'll grow up to be a butler.