Thursday, March 15, 2007

Broken eyes

WCB has enjoyed wearing sunglasses for some time now, and she recently got attached to a pair of pink ones with Dora the Explorer on the sides. She calls glasses "eyes", and the Dora ones would go everywhere with her. She would sleep with them on, eat with them on. She's addicted to the glasses, sort of like Jack Nicholson at the Oscars. I've gotten so used to seeing her in them that it takes me a while to figure out why people in Wal-Mart are always laughing at her.

Of course, I live in constant fear that the "eyes" are going to break. I wish she'd get attached to something a little more durable than child-sized sunglasses, like, say, a Faberge egg.

Sure enough, yesterday I was pushing her through the park in the stroller when I heard the sounds I'd been dreading coming from the stroller seat: "OH!! NO!! Broken! Eyes! Broken!" Yes. The Dora glasses had snapped apart. It was a dark day for our family. The ride home was a non-stop chorus of "Broken! Broken! Broken!"

We took an emergency trip to Target this morning, and she now has a pair of Disney's Beauty and the Beast glasses, which she's wearing during her nap right now. Whew. I'm realizing the glasses are a little bit like pet goldfish: You only get a few weeks of enjoyment out of them before they die and you have to run back to the store and replace them.


Anonymous said...

This is an adorable story but I'm worried about WCB's eyes. As any Backstreet Boy will tell you, if you wear sunglasses too much, especially indoors, your eyes will become accustomed. Then you will find she will no longer be able to not wear them or her eyes will hurt.

Brooke said...

Hmm...I didn't realize about the potential problems of wearing sunglasses 24/7 like the other poster mentioned. Maybe you could pop the lenses out? I used to have a strange obsession with regular glasses. I went through a phase one summer in elementary school when I wore plastic frames with no lenses because I wanted to be "cool" and have people think I wore glasses. Ummm, yeah...I don't think anyone bought it. My parents must have been really embarassed for me because I don't think there are any photos of me from that time period.

DeAnna Miller said...

You need to go back to Target right now and get several back-up pairs!!

A mom said...