Monday, March 12, 2007

Back in St. Olaf

Here I am in Minnesota. I'm on one of the computers on the tenth floor of the Gonda Building, waiting for my appointment with Dr. H at 3 p.m. I dropped off the Pee Pod and had blood drawn this morning. I always get nervous when I finally see my blood in the little test tubes, because I know they're going to whisk it away and the blood is going to be totally out of my control. I watch the lady slap the labels on the tubes, and I start to think maybe there's something more I could do, like, I don't know, invent a time machine and go back and eat more iron-rich foods to raise my hemoglobin. I wonder all day how the blood is getting along without me. I sort of wish I could come along to the lab and stand there to keep the blood from betraying me.

Behave yourself, blood!

Anyway, I got a comment on my last post from Amanda, who said that she thinks she's like Rose from The Golden Girls. ME, TOO!! All of them crack me up, but Rose is by far my favorite. I want to be Rose when I'm old. Anyone else have a favorite Golden Girl?

It's almost 2 p.m. now. I guess I should think about getting myself checked in. I'm sure there will be paperwork. Wish me luck -- again.


DeAnna Miller said...

Dorothy was my favorite! I always imagined I would grow up to be her. "Could you be more specific, Big Daddy?" Oh man.

David E said...

I would say Sophia (Estelle Getty) I loved her 'the world can kiss my rear' attitude!