Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You call yourselves geeks?

The good news: The computer is back. On Monday, I was without Internet access for 24 hours. I felt completely cut off from the outside world. I think I got the shakes at one point.

The bad news: The so-called "Geek" Squad couldn't get the hard drive back. I don't think they're really as geeky as they claim to be. Do you even care about Captain Kirk, Geek Squad? Do you? He could have died there on Planet Vulcan.

At first, I was beside myself because I thought we'd lost every photo ever taken of WCB. Fortunately, I've kept up on ordering prints and have uploaded all of the photos to the Kodak web site. I found out I can get a backup CD from Kodak (for a fee, of course). Whew. Major crisis averted.

The tiny crisis is that I haven't uploaded since right after Christmas, so we lost all of the photos from January and February. Fortunately, I was a high-school yearbook staffer for three years (See? I am geekier than The Geek Squad). We had a system on the yearbook staff: If a photo of a real event didn't turn out the way we wanted it, we would just go set it up again and take a fake photo. You'd be surprised at how many people are willing to put on their Halloween costumes in April. Anyway, I figure I can just set up some staged photos of WCB. I'll put her back in her Valentine's Day shirt and have her decorate some heart-shaped cookies. I'll find a room filled with other kids and pretend it's a Valentine's Day party. It could totally work.


amanda said...

Oh my god, I had no idea that people had staged yearbook photos like that!

You could start a new chapter for the ultra-geeks: the dark underbelly of the yearbook industry!

How geeky is that?

Gina said...

I've been in lost photo crisis before (most recently, first day of school with new teacher...) THANK YOU for the RE-STAGE idea. Thinking outside the box, maybe I"ll do a "last day of school with Mrs...." in lieu of lost first day pose.
My other solution was to send desperate emails to those who may have received photos during THE LOST PERIOD and perhaps they saved them? Or haven't emptied deleted box yet? I have retrieved a few this way. Some people are e-packrats just like me.
And, yes, I was very, very concerned about Captain Kirk that day.