Friday, February 02, 2007

I threw my bra at Elmo!

OK, not really, but I'm sure some mother somewhere has seriously thought about it. Sesame Street Live is that good, people.

This morning, Jay and I decided to let WCB out of the cat carrier, and we took her to SSL. It was the Most. Fun. Thing. Ever. WCB spent an hour and a half sitting on my lap completely limp, slack-jawed, and wide-eyed, as though she could not believe the wondrous things she was seeing on stage. We bought her a hilarious souvenir hat and a hot dog. She wore the hat for a while but chose to ignore the hot dog, even when we held it right up to her lips, because show was just too exciting. It was a fun morning.

I wonder if the dancers in the Muppet costumes get overheated. And is being a Muppet dancer ever a big deal on an actor's resume? Like, have you ever been to a Broadway show and read in an actor's bio, "Before landing the role of Jean Valjean, Bob played the role of Bert in the touring company of Sesame Street Live"? Do you? I'm not being sarcastic; I really wonder.

In other news: The groundhog says we're getting an early spring! Go, groundhog, go!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, nice blog. Someone at turned me on to it.

I'm a SAHM. We love Mr. Noodle(s)

Yes, the costumes are HOT. I used to work at Disney and knew some people in Characters.

September, otherwise known as 9of12