Friday, February 09, 2007

Gruesome paneling, Rudy, and celebrities

I've been getting so many good comments lately. If you don't read the comments sections (and you should, because my readers are hee-larious), I'll reprint a few of them here.

First, Gina told the following story in response to my "remail" post:

"My parents sold our house, which we grew up in during the '70s and '80s, when my dad changed jobs and they moved out of state. The people who bought the house mailed their Christmas cards with a generic letter using computer-generated address labels from a database of their contacts. Well, my folks were in their database and received the card and the letter, which went into great detail about the new house they bought, the gruesome paneling, the hideous red kitchen, and the tacky metallic wallpaper in the hallway. I mean, they really slammed our house and complained about all the remodeling and redecorating they were going to have to do! My mom's feelings were a little hurt, but dad said no worry, the leaky basement could be their little secret... "


Next, my sister-in-law was wondering if Mr. Noodle appeared on The Cosby Show. Yes, he did! He was on an episode in 1987. I couldn't find a photo of him on the show, but here's a picture of him when he's not all Noodled up, along with a photo of Rudy Huxtable. Maybe that will jog some people's memories:

By the way, if you search for "Rudy Huxtable" in Google Images, you'll get a really, uh, mature photo of what she looks like today. I don't think Cliff and Claire would approve. Then again, did you ever notice how, even though the Huxtable parents were extremely well-educated, all of their kids were complete morons? That always bothered me.

Back to the subject of Mr. Noodle: John W. wrote to tell me that his brother appeared on Broadway with Mr. Noodle's brother, Mr. Noodle. (That would be the late Michael Jeter.) Can you believe it? WCB will be incredibly popular on the playground now: "Oh, yeah? Well, some guy who reads my mom's blog has a brother who knew Mr. Noodle's brother!" All of the kids will revere her.

That got me thinking: What celebrities are you mere degrees from? Which celebrities have you met in person? No celebrity is too insignificant or too lame. No encounter is too minor. My own list (which I will post soon) includes meeting Zack from Saved by the Bell at an auto show and walking past Jesse Ventura in a hallway, so trust me on that lameness thing.

Now you're all going to go Google Rudy. Aren't you? Aren't you? You know you are.


Karen's mom said...

When your great-grandfather's first cousin went to college in Sioux City, Iowa, she played the organ when a set of twin sisters did musical acts on stage. The twins were Pauline Esther and Esther Pauline, AKA Dear Abbey and Ann Landers.

Your great grandmother (wife of above) said she used to hold Superman George Reeves when he was a baby in Iowa.

Are we doing less than 6 degrees on both of those?


Elizabeth said...

Let's see. I rode on an elevator with Chastity Bono. I went to a book release party for George Stephanopolus (sp?) (that was in New York, not Omaha!). A woman at our church used to date Ronald Regan. The woman who played the housekeeper on The Brady Bunch (Karen, you can help me with the name here) has been to our church several times (never when I was, but my dad has met her). Oh, and I ate dinner in a New York restaurant just a few tables away from Liv Tyler. I saw Lou Farigno (sp?) "The Hulk" at a comic book convention (I was not there by choice!)

How are those for lame? Especially since two aren't even my own experiences! I'm probably forgetting some even more lame ones.

Ah, isn't name-dropping fun?


Karen's sister said...

Don't forget Karen that we're just two degrees away from Elvis, since our great aunt went out on a date with him. Oh, and I saw Barry Williams (aka) Greg Brady, perform at a cheesy 150th State of Iowa do. He sang such hits as "I'm proud to be an American." And finally, I'll never forget being the 15th caller into a radio station and having the chance to meet the Nelson Twins!

Brooke said...

When Mark and I visited NYC a couple of years ago we saw the big brother from The Wonder Years in our hotel lobby. Then we ate dinner next to Ann Coulter (she was very thin and very loud). And we walked right past Donald Trump in Trump Tower:)

And yes, I have no shame, I googled Rudy. Boy, has she grown up...

Anonymous said...

I met The Man in Black - Johnny Cash. I worked at the Lied Center in college and he performed there. I was backstage (part of the stage crew) and he walked by me and stopped. He looked at me and said, "Why hello there." I said hello and then he went on stage.
Ahhh star struck!
:)Lisa C.

Karen's sister said...

Oh Karen!!! How could we forget how we stalked Dean Butler, aka Almanzo Wilder, at the Little House festival in Walnut Grove, MN!!! That was so fun. Remember how we waited for hours in the hot sun to see him and didn't make it up to where he was sitting? We were so disappointed. Then we went to the dinner at the Walnut Grove town hall, where we talked to him as he was putting ketchup on a hot dog. Then we kept seeing him everywhere! I still have the recon photos we took the next day at Nellie's Cafe.

Rachel said...

I saw Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and one of their kids in the Toronto airport. Alex's brother, who lived in CA worked out next to Lou Ferrigno - talk about demoralizing. Alex's brother also got an ice cream cone dumped on him by Calista Flockhart's kid when she was in the care of Harrison Ford, who apologized profusely. Yes, Han Solo apologized for an ice cream cone.

Gina said...

I worked in sales at a nice hotel in Asheville, NC where the SILVER BULLET BAND was staying for their concert there. Bob Seger was at the front desk and I asked for his autograph on hotel letterhead. I enthusiastically presented my prize to my clueless husband who studied the scribble and said with a squirreled face "ROB SAGAN - WHO IS ROB SAGAN?" It is a running joke between us to this day any time he just doesn't GET IT, or we can't read what something says...21 years later it is still funny (to us?) !

amanda said...

I met Hootie and the Blowfish during a 2004 USO tour of the Pacific Air Force installations. I was on the crew that set up their backstage area, obtained the items for their craft service table, and generally made sure that they had what they needed backstage.

They were complete assholes, not even signing autographs for the 18-year-old airmen who volunteered their time to work security for their tent.'s probably a good thing that no one ever realized the loogey in the band's mandatory bowl of "lemons sliced into eighths" for their tea. :)

David E said...

I'm late to the party but here is my list:
- Bob Costas, stood in line behind him at the will call window for Cardinals tickets when I was about 10.
- Have photo's in my basement of me with; Dick Butkas, George Brett and Marty Shotenhiemer (sp?)
- I appeared on the Today Show. I was in the background when AL Roker interviewed these two twin 7 year old from Iowa.
- I saved the best for last: about 5 years ago I was flying to L.A., on the leg between Salt Lake City and L.A. I went to the front of jet to use the facilities. After a few minutes I'm wondering if someone if being initiated into the mile high club as there is quite a comotion coming for the powder room. A few minutes later, the door pops open and out walks Louie Anderson. I musthave given him a inquisitve look becasue he hold up one hand containing some clothes on a hanger. I noticed he was in a velour (sp?) jump suit. His response was 'damn the didn't design those things for fat guys to change their clothes in"....