Sunday, February 25, 2007

Awaiting test results

Once again, we find ourselves waiting for test results for a family member. The laptop is now in the "hospital" with The Geek Squad people, and they're going to call us to let us know what they can do for it. Jay seems cautiously optimistic that they can recover the hard drive. "Remember in Mission: Impossible III when that laptop got BLOWN UP, and they were still able to recover the hard drive?" he said. Well, yeah, but there was also that part where Tom Cruise put on a rubber mask and everyone thought he was Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I don't know if we should pin our hopes on Mission: Impossible III, even though it was much better than Mission: Impossible II.

Last night, I started having nightmares about our upcoming trip to the Mayo Clinic. In the first one, Dr. H wasn't there anymore, and my new doctor was Denise Huxtable. This alarmed me, because she was always the most dimwitted of the Huxtable children. She flunked out of Different World college. Why couldn't I at least get Vanessa? She studied from time to time.

In the second dream, Dr. H was there, but she told me my spine was collapsing. However, she explained that if I ran a humidifier at night, it should help. What?? Yeah, I don't know.

Everybody watching the Oscars tonight? I (heart) Ellen DeGeneres.

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Karen's sister said...

Weird, our computer is in the hospital too, awaiting a hard drive transplant. Do you think the planets in the computer universe are misaligned or something?