Monday, January 08, 2007

You don't scare me, Spike.

It's been a while since Cancer Girl has posted anything about, well, cancer. It's been kind of nice. Unfortunately, it is that time again: I go back to the Kansas City Cancer Center tomorrow morning for my blood test. I don't expect anything to be really wrong with me in general, since I still feel OK, but I'm starting to accept the fact that my M-spike is going to keep going up and up and up. Last time, it was 4.6. I wonder if I'm going to break the 5.0 barrier this time. If it's over 5.0, I'm going to have a margarita. Or at least a slushie with some alcohol in it.

There's an episode of The Simpsons where Bart doesn't get to go on a field trip and instead has to sit in the principal's office licking envelopes. "You can make a game of it," says Principal Skinner enthusiastically. "See how many envelopes you can lick in an hour, and then try to break that record."

That's what I'll do. I'll see how high my M-spike can go, and then try to break that record.

Bring it on, 5.0. Bring it on.


Don said...

Golly golly Spike does scare me. I wish he didn't. Nevertheless, the margarita sounds like an excellent idea, or a really really good beer (there is such a thing).

amanda said...

I second the "good beer" comment. Drown Spike with some good, stiff drinks. It'll cure what ails ya :)

DavidE said...

Have you lloked at the blogger word verification lately? I have to type in 9 letters! Darn spammers, next step, I'll have to sent you an essay before you let me post a comment.

- anyway, down Spike, down boy!!!

Beth said...

Hi Karen, I hate my m-spike. Mine's never been as high as yours, and it makes me wonder why I've been in treatment for almost 4 years. I've never had many MM symptoms. Just protein in my blood and 2 m-spikes that once added up to a little over 3 g/dL. I wonder why I was put on the treatment track? My MM misery all comes from treatment. Oh well. What am I going to do about it? Hang in there as long as you can without treatment! Beth

PS - thanks for hawking my hat campaign.