Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Year of the Blog

Yesterday was my one-year anniversary of blogging. I'm not sure how to mark my blog's first birthday. What do you get for a blog who has everything? After careful consideration, I've decided to celebrate by posting an '80s photo of Tom Cruise from before he went crazy:

Ah, Non-Crazy '80s Tom, how I miss you!

I also wanted to say thank you to everybody who has been reading this during the past year. Please post a comment and let me know if you're reading. I don't care if it's, "Hey, I'm an anonymous person who was extremely offended by your origami bashing." I just like knowing there are people out there.

All right. It's time to start another year.


Kathy said...

I'm a stay-at-home wife taking care of my fully disabled husband (stroke). He does not talk, stroke hit directly on speech, and I am very lonely. Your blog makes me laugh.

DavidE said...

You know my story! Your humor is infectious!!! My wife and I both love your blog.

I'd suggest you get your blog a new skin, but you just made that change recently.

Does Hallmark make a card for blogs? Here's stab at what it might look like:
"Dearest Blog,
I'd like to say thanks to you,
for being there when I'm blue.

It's been a year with many posts,
of Pee Pods and Garlands I raise this toast.

Please stick around for another year,
to many a reader you have brought good cheer"

And then slap some silly graphic of two cute kittens on the front and a $3.95 price tag of the back!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I drop in on your blog now and then. I am a tag-a-long from Davide's blog. You really do make me laugh out loud at times. Looking forward to yet another year of CG blogging!!
God Bless. Rick

Patty said...

I check your blog everyday and always know it will brighten my day if there is a new post to read. I love hearing about the Adventures of Cancer Girl and of course, reading about my favorite niece, WCB!

amanda said...

Keep on writing and I will keep on reading...I really appreciate your sense of humor.

Happy blogiversary!

Brooke said...

I'm hopelessly addicted:) And I think you need to write a post about BAAAA!!!!

Don said...

I read you. Keep on bloggin'

Anonymous said...


Love your blog!! A mutual friend told me about it and I'm hooked.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a year now and really look forward to the latest news on WCB. Hope you keep it going.

Jill said...

I heard about your blog from your college roommate, Rachel. We were in the same research group at Iowa State before she graduated. I get addicted to blogs and yours is great! So glad Rachel told me about it. -Jill

Karen's sister said...

Sometimes I check AOCG twice a day! It's good fun and amazing that its already been an entire year.

corley said...

I always check it during the girl's nap time. You crack me up Karen - I am hooked on your blog!

DeAnna Miller said...

I've known Karen since 1993. She's the most hilarious and insightful writer I've ever known (and that probably wouldn't change if I ever got to meet Sarah Vowell, either). Here's a funny story. She got married 8 years ago. The computer on which I saved all her emails regarding the planning of her wedding died a spectacular death about 6 years ago. I still mourn the loss.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and read it faithfully! Happy Anniversary.

ben said...

Obviously I don't drop in daily, but often enough to keep up. I lost both parents to cancer and for some reason keep up on cancer blogging.

Keep up the fun writing, even the less than fun stuff is usually fun to read.

Thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading every day and love it.
Jennifer B.

John Wagner said...

A belated happy bogiversary. You always bring a smile to my face.

Lizard Eater said...

(Waving enthusiastically.) Hi, just me saying hello and I check on ya. In --what, about 19 years?-- we will meet in person when it turns out that WCB and Little Warrior are college roommates and we have to go down to the Dean's office and beg him not to expel our daughters, because when they put chocolate pudding mix in the university's fountain, making it look like the Horses were in a mud-wrestling event, really, that's just because they were stressed from finals. And they're good girls. Really. You should have seen them as babies.