Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's baaaa-ack!

An ordinary day. An innocent trip to the mailbox. Little did I know, something sinister was waiting for me on the inside.

Cue Psycho music: REE!! REE!! REE!! REE!!

It's a fresh Pee Pod from the Mayo Clinic. It's back.

Dun dun ... dun dun ... dunnnnnn .....


amanda said...

Oh lord, girl.

The Pee Pod.

In your mailbox.

It's a day to remember.


Ben said...

Just to be modern, shouldn't you just rename it pPod and let Apple produce it? It would probably come in cooler colors and you'd be psyched to get it. You could mention that a the Mayo.

On the other hand, a love-hate relationship to medical supplies is perhaps better.

Wishing you luck.

DavidE said...


Don said...

If it had earphones it would be an e-Pee-Pod. :-)

I know the feeling of dread when it's time to see the test results. Never thought about the mailbox.

KAREN said...

Hi Karen,
I just ran across your blog, . I have a solitary plasmacytoma (1 lytic lesion) radiation x6 weeks Mspike of 0.5 heading down stem cell lane.
I absolutely loved your blog, it made me laugh so hard. I have not been officially given the MM diagnosis, but the protocol is the same regardless Thalidamide and Dex
Wish me well

KAREN said...

Hi Karen,
oops I didn't see the comment saved...