Saturday, January 13, 2007

Good boy, Spike!

I got the results yesterday afternoon. M-spike is 4.6. It hasn't moved since November. My IgG went up a teeny bit, but last time it was down a teeny bit, so it's still sort of hovering around the same place it's been for the past six months. My IgA and IgM are still a little too low. Everything else is OK. Hurrah!

So ... it looks like I passed my tests for this round. I called up to Mayo and scheduled my next appointment for March. I should be doctor-free until then.

Good boy, Spike. Sit. Stay.


Brooke said...

No margarita for you! Woo hoo:)

Don said...

But you could have one in celebration :-)

Good for you!

Rachel said...

Yaaayyy!!! You'll get that thing trained yet!

Anonymous said...

Great News!

Yvette said...