Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Free CD

A year ago, I wrote a post about taking WCB to get her pictures taken, and about how she acted like a dark, brooding, sullen baby who refused to smile. In November, we tried to take some photos at Sears with WCB's cousin, WCB: Under Eighteen Months Category. This photo opportunity resulted in WCBUEMC smiling angelically while WCB crawled away from the background and sobbed in despair, as though having to go to the photo studio was the Worst. Thing. That. Could. Ever. Happen.

We didn't order any prints.

Today, I took WCB in to a nearby studio for another photo session, expecting nothing. It turned out the be the best photo session EVER. WCB smiled and posed agreeably, and I actually got her wild, curly hair somewhat under control. If you've ever seen WCB in person, you know this is no small feat of engineering. There are some mornings I think her curls must be visible from space.

The downside to this? I ended up ordering about two go-zillion prints because they were all so good. The sight of WCB actually smiling for a professional photographer put me on a strange high. It's like everything went black, and when the smoke cleared, I was hearing the photo lady tell me that if I ordered just one more pose, I could get The Free CD.

The Free CD is like the Holy Grail of photo-ordering. It contains digital copies of every photo that was taken at the session. I've never ordered enough prints to reach the level of The Free CD. It's like reaching the level of Ms. Pac Man where you get to see the little movie of Ms. Pac Man marrying Mr. Pac Man.

And so, I ordered one more pose. I got The Free CD.

I now have enough photos of WCB to wallpaper most of the house. If you'd like your house wallpapered, too, let me know. I can print you some photos from The Free CD.

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Karen's mom said...

I've been thinking about wallpapering our entryway...Can't wait to see the agreeable, smiling, not-so-wildly curly WCB photos!