Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cancer or No Cancer

Last night, I caught about 15 minutes of that new game show, Identity. I'm not sure what the rest of the show was like, but in the part I saw, the contestant had to decide which of the two scantily clad women in front of him was a belly dancer and which one was a ... I don't remember ... a structural engineer or an accountant or blackjack dealer or something. They dragged this decision out for the entire 15 minutes and made it clear that it was the Tensest. Moment. Ever. The man was about to have a nervous breakdown. His family was crying. What if the woman wasn't really a belly dancer??!?!? WHAT IF?!?!?!

Tension? Dude. Sure, winning all that money is a big deal, but try sitting in a doctor's office, waiting to find out if you have cancer. That's tension. Maybe they should treat THAT like a game show. The doctor could keep walking into the exam room repeatedly for 15 minutes: "Karen, we'll tell you if you have cancer (dramatic pause) AFTER THE BREAK!"

If you didn't have cancer, balloons would drop from the ceiling, and your entire family would come running in, screaming. If you did, then the doctor could play the sound of a studio audience going, "Awwwww!" and you could get a consolation prize, like a free toaster. It's no fun to have cancer, but it is fun to make toast.


Don said...

Amen Sister.

amanda said...

Dammit, I want my toaster.

This was a really funny post.

DavidE said...

I have the same issue with 'Deal or No Deal". It's so hour show is about 15 minutes of 'entertainment' (using the word loosely). Trumped up excitement at best. let's ask your family member 'Honey, $42,000, that's a lot of money" (did you ever notice it's ALWAYS a lot of money, because it is a lot of money?!) What ever happen to the good games shows like "Let's Make A Deal' or 'Match Game'?

How about this idea for a show:
'Right arm or Left' - watch the nurse poke around the patient until they find a good bleeder!
or hitting closer to home
'Pee Pod Countdown': The 'contestant' had to guess how long it will take the patient to fill the 'Pod'!!

Anonymous said...

I watched it too, and the same thing came to mind, about the diagnosis of cancer! Thank goodness, real life isn't like the show. I like Davide's reply :) That is reality for most of us :)~Barb