Saturday, December 30, 2006

Blame the elves

When the going gets tough, blame fictional characters. That's what I do.

Lately, I feel I've been ignoring my poor old blog. I keep thinking of funny things to say -- well, at least they seem funny in my head -- but then I just never get to the computer. Usually I am ambushed by WCB, who wants me to read her all of her Christmas books again and again. "Read" is actually a strong word. Really, we'll look at a book for a few seconds and then WCB will toss it aside so we can move on to the next one. My side of the conversation goes like this: "'Twas the night before Christmas, and ...' OK? You're done with that one? Well, then, 'Every Who down in Whoville ...' OK ... " Her favorite one -- meaning we get to turn all of the pages -- was sent to us by her Great Aunt Berta, and it has a group of elves on the cover.

"Elf!" WCB will say, and if I don't respond within .5 seconds: "ELF! ELF!ELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLF!!"

Always with the elves. WCB gets quite loud. I'm imagining the family next door: "Did you hear that again, dear? It sounded like a child yelling 'elf'."

It's because of these elves that I don't blog every day. Yesterday, for example, I wanted to write about how WCB and I took a walk through the neighborhood to enjoy the unusually nice weather. It also happened to be trash/recycling bin day, so we got to check out the discarded cardboard boxes from all of our neighbors' Christmas presents. I'm secretly hoping that they'll grow tired of their gifts by the time we have the annual neighborhood yard sale. I have dibs on the Little People castle a couple blocks over.

I also noticed that someone in the next cul de sac got an "origami kit." Ouch. Somebody didn't make the nice list this year, huh?

I could have told you all of this yesterday, but I was stopped by the elves.

I've also been wanting to write about WCB's big present from Santa, which is a toy kitchen. Toy kitchens are not only great fun, they're supposed to be "educational", because kids this age like imitating what adults do. I say, if she's going to imitate me in the kitchen authentically, she should just pick up the plastic toy phone that came with the kitchen and say, "Hello? Pizza Hut?"

Unfortunately, WCB doesn't yet have the verbal skills to order takeout --unless she'd like to order some cooked elf -- so she has to rely on actual pretend cooking if she expects to put any plastic food on the table. Today she made a plastic stew. Ingredients: plastic peas, plastic eggplant, plastic celery, one plastic egg (in the shell), one plastic block of cheese, and one plastic pink cupcake. Mmmm .... plasticly delicious.

I've missed the blog. I hope to report back to you again soon. As long as the elves don't stop me.

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amanda said...

I missed you too...but am glad that you are having a good holiday season.

Overcome the elves--those tiny little bastards!