Thursday, November 30, 2006

I need therapy

I started therapy. Well, physical therapy. I've had tension headaches off and on for years. I finally asked my "regular" doctor (that would be my non-blood, non-cancer doctor) what I could do about them, and she sent me to a physical therapist who specializes in headaches. Today was my first appointment. I had to fill out one of those forms that says, "Have you ever been diagnosed with (long list of horrible diseases)" and for the first time ever, I had to circle "Yes" on the cancer spot. That was fun. It's like I simply can't get enough of all of this medical stuff. If I'm not going to them, they're coming to me: When I got home from the appointment, there was a message on the machine from my old bone-marrow-transplant case worker, who I haven't heard from in months, checking to make sure I was still alive, I guess.

Anyway, the therapist and I were chatting about WCB, and I told her that she doesn't walk yet. Remember those steps I got so excited about a few weeks ago? Yeah, she only takes, like, two a day, and then decides she's done. I still don't count it as walking.

"Oh, I once had a patient who didn't walk until 19 months," said the therapist. "Then, when she was an adult, she got these terrible migraine headaches. It turns out .... SHE WAS MISSING A PART OF HER BRAIN."


"Yes," said the therapist. "A part of her brain. And her only symptom was late walking."

Great. As if I wasn't tense enough. Pretty soon I'll have to start non-physical therapy.


Karen's sister said...

Now, doesn't that seem awfully mean? Is your therapist just trying to drum up business by making you more stresses? Really, imagine yourself a physical therapist who is treating a young cancer patient who has some concerns about her daugher. And somehow you think it right to tell this patient that her daughter could be MISSING PART OF HER BRAIN!?!? What?? Really, WCB is sweet, silly, and as far as I can tell, in possession of a complete brain. You should hear her evil sheep impression! And she does walk, she just likes a hand to hold. Anyhow, this therapist must be nuts. That's all.

Colleen said...

I found your site on BlogHer - I have a blog about training for the 3-Day walk for breast cancer as well as other health/fitness topics - would you be interested in a link or entry exchange?