Wednesday, October 04, 2006

That Elmo fella is all right

Alternate title: I've been watching way, way, WAY too much PBS.

Over the summer I came back to watching Sesame Street on an almost daily basis, after a 25-year-ish hiatus. And I was hugely mistrusting of Elmo. Elmo is a "new" muppet to me. I grew up with the originals: Bert. Ernie. Guy Smiley. A Snuffy who was invisible to everyone but Big Bird. But now, I have to admit, Elmo has grown on me. Maybe I need to get out more, but I find him clever and I laugh at his jokes. Then, today, a two-daddy family was featured on "Elmo's World." OK, maybe "featured" is too strong a word, but the video montage about different types of families contained a fleeting glimpse of an unmistakably two-daddy family. Way to go, Elmo. Stand up for what is right!

Now if he'd only quit emotionally abusing poor Mr. Noodle.

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Mom said...

I had a little crush on Bob back before your hiatus - he was a lot less wrinkly then - but maybe it was just his nice singing voice... which meant he could outsing a Muppet.