Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Republicans call; WCB throws up

Wow: I haven't blogged in a whole week. I think that's a new record for me. I haven't been doing much except dodging phone calls from every political candidate in the state of Missouri. Just as I typed these few sentences, the phone rang again. We even got a couple of messages from the Republican party. What? Neither Jay nor I have ever voted Republican, or even thought kind thoughts about a Republican candidate in our entire lives. Why are they calling here? If they vant to suck my blood, they are more than welcome to it. Mmm ... cancer-filled treat.

Where was I?

Oh, right. I haven't been doing much that is blog-worthy. Yesterday, poor, poor WCB had her first bout with stomach flu. I had my first bout of having to clean up after someone with the stomach flu. Did you know that vomit can fly? For a while, I wasn't sure if I should call the pediatrician or a priest. If anyone knows how to get baby throwup out of a board-book edition of Go, Dog, Go, please e-mail me. Fortunately, everyone is doing much better now.

See? I told you it wasn't blog-worthy. You really need to take these warnings more seriously.

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karen's sister said...

Thanks for the post! I like reading about WCB, maybe because she's also WCN (world's cutest niece), though I was very sorry to hear about the stomach flu. I have no idea how to get baby throw-up out of "Go Dog Go," though it would be worthwhile because that's such a fun book. For some reason as soon as I read that, it reminded me of the nasty orange-smelling cleaner the janitors used to clean the desks, and the kid throw-up, in elementary school.

Anyway, what's up with those Republicans? From what I hear, Missouri is yet again a moral battlefield. Funny thing, the past few weeks in my class we've been talking about the Civil War, and students from that area all talk about the MU-KU rivalry and how some things never change. Guess they don't.