Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Infamous Blood Test

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Infamous* Blood Test that started this whole stupid cancer mess. It was just a routine part of my annual physical. "Oh," I thought, "they're just going to check for cholesterol and stuff. Oprah always says you should know your cholesterol level."

Come to think of it, I never did ask what my cholesterol level was, what with them finding the cancer instead. I'll just assume my cholesterol is fine. Don't tell Oprah.

This means that these evil cancer cells have been lurking in my blood for at least one year now, probably a lot longer, and ... I'm still fine. I'd never know there was anything wrong with me if it weren't for that one test. In the past year, I've felt completely healthy. In the past year, I've had two colds and a touch of WCB's recent stomach flu -- hardly cause for me to run off to the doctor to be tested for cancer. And since the cancer hasn't required any sort of treatment in the past year, either, is there a point in knowing about it?

It's funny. But not ha-ha funny.

*Doesn't the word "infamous" remind you of The Three Amigos? "El Guapo isn't just famous -- he's INfamous!"

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amanda said...

I'm sorry that you have to face such a grim anniversary. Those days were always hard for me and Eric (and they still are hard for me!).

But you have such a wonderful sense of humor to get you through.

You are amazing.