Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tomzilla and the goose

In case you didn't get enough of adorable Tom, here's another movie he starred in about a year and a half ago: Tomzilla. It's absolutely chilling the way he ravages that poor town. Children under 18 months are advised not to watch, lest they get ideas.

Also, my friend DeAnna has a new web site: Everybody check it out!

And now I have to explain this comment on my blog:

Pee Pod: I think that you should dress it up in a skirt and put it next to the goose.

We have a giant goose made out of solid concrete sitting on our front step. It used to belong to my grandmother, but I inherited it a couple of years ago. What is so special about this giant concrete goose, you ask? The goose has more clothes than I do. Yes. The goose has numerous outfits that I dress it up in depending on the holiday or my own whims. Current outfits include the following:

Winter coat and earmuffs
Pink flamingo
Nebraska Cornhusker football player
Vampire (with bloody fangs!)
Easter Bunny
"Birthday party" outfit (complete with party hat and noisemaker)
Uncle Sam

I order most of the clothes online from Goose Clothes Galore. I'm thinking of getting it the Rudolph ensemble for Christmas. What do you think?

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Rachel said...

I thought for sure you had to be making up a website called "Goose Clothes Galore". Silly me, to doubt the power of human ingenuity! Silly, silly me... (Of course I have faded pink flamingoes in front of my house, and garden gnomes in the back, so dress up your goose all you like! :) )