Monday, September 04, 2006

Roundin' Up a Cure

Yesterday's Kansas City Star featured an article about a myeloma fundraiser to be held here in KC this coming Friday. It's called "Roundin' Up a Cure" and is an evening out with a cowboy theme. You can read more about it, buy tickets, or send in a donation here.

The fundraiser is being held in honor of two men who recently died of myeloma. One of them, Robbie Speer, was just 37 years old and lived just two years after his diagnosis at age 35. He had the Chromosome 13 deletion, so unfortunately he had a much more aggressive form of the disease than I do. His story is chronicled in his wife's blog, which tells of his three stem-cell transplants and other treatments. It wasn't until very late in his treatment that he was able to get access to Revlimid, a drug that was still considered experimental and was only available through trials at the time. Now, about 7 months later, Revlimid has been approved by the FDA, and Dr. Hayman says it's most likely the first drug that I'll be treated with, once I need treatment. This just shows how quickly research is moving in myeloma, and fundraisers like this can only help find even better treatments.

Go check it out! Here's the web site again:

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