Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Play Doh-a Constrictor

My friend DeAnna made a fun, five-minute movie starring her little boy Tom. It's called Play Doh-a Constrictor, and you can view it on YouTube by clicking here. Tom is not yet three, and he's already famous. I hear he did all of his own stunts.

If you all remember, Tom is WCB's future husband, and we will all be celebrating their wedding at The Mall of America someday. If there are any little girls under the age of three reading this blog, don't get any ideas, ladies. Yes, Tom is a handsome devil, but he is spoken for.

Sometimes, though, I worry that our plan to push them together could backfire. Nobody wants to go out with a guy her parents approve of. Maybe we should use reverse psychology and imply that Tom is bad and dangerous. If any of you run into WCB on the street, maybe you could just hint around that you saw Tom smoking or driving too fast or embezzling funds.


DeAnna Miller said...

Or you could tell them that Tom likes to wear his underpants backward so that he can SEE the Thomas the Tank Engine. Surely that will frighten the girls away.

Pee Pod: I think that you should dress it up in a skirt and put it next to the goose.

Karen's sister said...

I have to give "Play Doah-constrictor" two big thumbs up!! (I couldn't figure out how to leave feedback on you-tube). We laughed and laughed and laughed, and were pretty amazed at Tom's lucky escape from the flaming tricycle.

DavidE said...
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DavidE said...

Karen - you need a back up plan for the WCB-Tom plan.
Here's a few things I spotted in the movie:
1) He had no head gear on whilst riding his trike!
2) They let him ride the trike in the alley!
3) He plays in a yard with pain cans scattered here and there!
4) The move off the play ground is a sure sign of his wildness....next comes screeching the tires, bringing WCB home after her curfew, and all sorts of delinquent acts! (takes one the spot one, believe me!!!)
5) It's a known fact that any boy that plays with snakes at three is going to grow with an Oedipus complex!
BTW - just kidding, funny film