Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How to stop worrying about cancer for a couple days

Spend those couple days trapped in the house with a 16-month-old who has a cold. Make sure this 16-month-old seriously believes that she will NEVER. WILLINGLY. GO. TO. SLEEP. AGAIN. Now you are no longer Amazing Cancer Girl; you are just an ordinary mom with streaks of snot on your sweatpants and splatters of grape-flavored Children's Dimetapp and Yo Baby yogurt on your t-shirt, and the only thing you can really focus on in your sleep-deprived haze is not your cancer but the fact that you are really, really starting to hate the little orange dinosaur on Barney, simply because he is a terrible actor and keeps bobbing his head too much. Don't quit your day job, little orange dinosaur.

It was a welcome break.


amanda said...

Oh my god, Barney could make me not worry about a nuclear winter. Those dinosaurs are the work of the devil, I tell ya. THE DEVIL!!!

(hope your daughter feels better soon)

Karen's sister said...

Poor little thing! Please give WCN (world's cutest niece) a big hug from us and tell her she has to get better so she can come play at Aunt Jenny's and Uncle Wookie's house this weekend (though if she's not, we have a medicine cabinet full of "baby drops" which she is more than welcome to raid).

Lizard Eater said...

MAR!!! (Moms Against Riff -- the orange dinosaur.)

It feels nice to hate something other than cancer. ;)

Someday, in the far future, we will have strong opinions about things like Oscar nominations.

Til then, PBS/Nick/Disney must fear us.