Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A scary home companion

I received the following comment from Amanda about my last entry:

"LOL...Tom Brokaw in the cereal aisle...too funny. But do you think that he's a Count Chocula man or a Frankenberry man?"

Hmm. Actually, now that I think it over, I'd think that he'd go for a no-nonsense kind of cereal. A full-of-fiber, made-for-a-man, tastes-like-sawdust, fair-and-balanced kind of cereal. That's just my own personal theory, though. If anyone else has ideas about what Tom Brokaw eats for breakfast, please weigh in.

Amanda's mention of Frankenberry, though, reminded me of something I meant to post to the blog months ago. One day I was at the grocery store, and I noticed that Frankenberry looks just like Garrison Keillor. You be the judge:

I kept my amazing discovery under wraps, because the first and only person I told -- Jay -- thought I was completely insane. Then when I was searching for images for this blog entry, I discovered that the woman who created Frankenberry for General Mills is also a writer for A Prairie Home Companion. AH HA!! Coincidence? I think not.

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DavidE said...

I can't post images but it might be fun to extend this a bit further:
Count Chochula:
Cap'n Crunch: Bob Keeshan
The Lucky Charms: