Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here we are at Mayo ...

Jay, the Pee Pod, and I made it here tonight after a long drive. WCB is at home with her grandparents, and I miss her, I miss her, I miss her. I've already called home twice. My mom claims that WCB said "G'night!" tonight at the end of her Goodnight, Duckling book. I'm so sad I missed it. At least I did not throw up in the hotel parking lot again. Plus, we have cable at the hotel, and I'm watching pre-crazy Tom Cruise in Top Gun, which is one of my guilty-pleasure favorites. Never, ever leave your wingman.

Here was the best bumper sticker we saw on the way: Republicans for Voldemort.

Heh. You have to be a Democrat and a nerd to appreciate it. Fortunately, I am both.

Tomorrow starts early with Pee Pod dropoff, a blood draw, and x-rays. We meet with Dr. Hayman around 2:30, and then we'll head out right after that. I'll try to get my results posted here on Thursday. Wish me luck.



Rachel said...

Good luck!!!!!

John Wagner said...

Good luck!! (And prayers, too!)

DeAnna Miller said...

Republicans for Voldemort! WE HAVE THAT BUMPER STICKER!!!

And yes, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Democrats are so petty. I am a proud conservative and I work for more money for cancer research.

I do have a bumpersticker that says, "This is your brain (picture of elephant)...This is your brain on drugs (picture of donkey)"

Elephants are way cooler than donkeys.

I wish you good luck in your blood cancer fight. I also have a blood cancer.

I hope to live long enough to vote against Hillary.