Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Have a nice winter!"

That's the last thing Dr. Hayman said to us as we left the appointment yesterday. If everything continues to turn out like it did yesterday, then we will!

My M-spike is still holding steady at 4.2, which is exactly where it was on July 5. My x-rays were all completely fine: no lesions, no change since December. My hemoglobin (iron level) is down just another tiny bit at 11.8 (normal range is 12.0 - 15.5), but Dr. Hayman says she's not too concerned about that yet. She said I could try taking an extra vitamin or iron pill to see if that helps. If the myeloma is causing the anemia, however, I could take all the iron I wanted and it wouldn't do any good. I've been plagued by low iron for years, though, so it's totally possible it's just my failure to eat red meat and not the myeloma. We'll see. Everything else I was tested for (kidney and liver function, calcium level, white cell counts, platelets, etc.,) was completely normal.

Because I'm holding steady for now, I'm going to continue my two-month doctor visits here in Kansas City through the winter, and we won't go back to Mayo until the spring, unless, of course, something bad crops up in my tests. Dr. H gave me a form to give to Dr. Great and Powerful Oz so he can fax her all of my results and she can review them in Minnesota without us having to go up there every time. I just called Dr. GPO's office to make my next appointment; I go in on Nov. 6.

And here's the most joyous news of all: Dr. Hayman says I can stop the Pee Pod tests for now!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!! How I have waited for this day.

So ... it was the best we could have hoped for. After July's scary appointment and the need for more x-rays, I honestly thought that this appointment was going to be The Big One -- the appointment where everything went ka-plooey in my bone marrow. Now I have at least a two-month reprieve from going ka-plooey. Big sigh of relief.

Oh, and the physical therapist's office called about WCB's appointment. They can't get her in until the end of September! I figure she'll either be walking by then and we can cancel, or she'll be a non-walking 16-and-a-half-month-old and we'll be freaking out, so it works either way.

Now I'm off to have a nice winter.


RenatoO[p L i i m] said...

Yeeaah.. nice blog!

RenatoO[p L i i m] said...

yeaahh.. nice BOlg! =]

John Wagner said...

Fantastic. Congratulations. I hope you have a great winter too! I am really happy for you. I do know how it feels.

DavidE said...

So do you retire the Pee Pod or stash it in the garage for the winter?

JK - way to go!!! Enjoy winter.....wait, isn't that an oximoron?

Karen's sister said...

We're so glad! It will be a very nice winter, especially since you won't need to drive up to the coldest place on earth... Minnesota. Regardless, we hope the Godcellas decide to hibernate for awhile.

Rachel said...

YAAY!!! Down with the bad cells! :) You should have a "what to do with the pee pod" contest. Heh. You could grow flowers in it or something!