Friday, August 25, 2006

Contested Development: Season Two

I forgot to post this piece of news yesterday: WCB had her 15-month checkup, and Dr. Nervous Nellie wants her to see a physical therapist at the children's hospital to figure out why she's not walking yet.

Because I don't have enough doctors' appointments in my life. Because I don't have enough to worry about. At least now I can worry primarily about WCB needing physical therapy instead of my own fatal disease. Yeah. Good. Fine. The therapist is supposed to call in the next couple of weeks.

Maybe they can give us some help, though, because I really would like her to walk. She has to walk by Halloween, because she is going to be Dorothy, and there is no crawling allowed on the Yellow Brick Road. They're ruby slippers, not ruby knee pads.

Dr. NN said it could be as simple as a confidence issue: WCB is physically able to walk -- she just doesn't know that she can. Now, look at this child. Does this look like a child with a confidence issue?

OK, don't answer that.


DavidE said...
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DavidE said...

Thanks for the laughs when they are most needed!
- My GG will be 101 in November, she's not doing to well herself!
- Good luck at Mayo with the GBJOP!!
- Thanks for the note the other day!
- I over use exclimation points!

John Wagner said...

I am at work sitting in my cubicle in the middle of cubey farm. I laughed out loud! Nobody asked what I was laughing about, but then, I guess since I make so many strange sounds lately, they don't bother asking anymore.

Oh, yes, I also wish you the best at Mayo next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer B said...

Remember Laura Lash? I don't think her son walked until he was 16 months old. Don't worry. She will walk.

Kathy said...

Normal age for walking is 9 mos - 18 mos. Nine is very early, 18 is somewhat late, but still normal. In most cases when a child starts walking later they never crawl again. I would postpone the physical therapist for now.

tk said...

Did she get herself up the steps? Does she pull herself up to stand in her crib or next to the coffee table or couch? Does she creep around the furniture holding on? If she does all that she'll walk very soon.

Hope Mayo goes well. If you want to treat your self to some good Italian, try Victoria's; within walking distance of the clinic.