Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Aw, come on!

You blog-reading party poopers! Nobody else wants to play along with my fictional doctor game? You can't tell me that you've never wished George Clooney was your child's pediatrician. Everyone has. Admit it. If you don't come up with another idea, I'm just going to assume every reader of this blog is sitting around the pediatrician's waiting room, fantasizing about George Clooney. Even the men. Even the people who don't have children.

I did get a response from John W:

Marcus Welby, MD and nurse Julia. LONG before you were born, I think. Dr. Welby, although a family doctor, treated anything, including leukemia on at least one episode and breast cancer. He was the older, unorthodox one whose top priority was always his patient. Dr. Kiley was his young, by-the-book assistant. Julia had her own show, but I think she would have worked well with Dr. Welby. Oh, and if I should ever get pregnant, I would go to Dr. Huxtable.

Oh, ME TOO!! Not only did Dr. Huxtable give all of his patients his home phone number, he would drop everything the second one of those women had a single contraction and rush off to the hospital, no matter what zany thing his family was doing. Like, even when the rest of his family got to meet Stevie Wonder, Dr. Huxtable went to deliver a baby. Plus, he was always trying to eat hoagies without Claire knowing about it.

On a side note: Does anyone else remember when they were all lip synching to that Ray Charles song, and Rudy went, "BAY-BAAAY!!! BAY-BAAAY!!"?

That cracks me up just thinking about it.


Yvette said...

I love that episode! It's one of my favorites. And definitely Dr. Carter. Unless of course we're talking docs on film. In that case...Dr. Steve Edison (a.k.a. Matthew McConaughey) from "The Wedding Planner." Be still my heart. :)

Rachel said...

Well, according the magic of the internets, the family lip synced to a song called "Night Time Is The Right Time," by Ray Charles. I remember Rudy's "ba-baaay," but that's it.

I want Goose from ER. Then he can die tragically in a plane crash and... wait, wrong show.

DavidE said...

ANyone ever watch 'St. Elsewhere'? Great show, not that anyof the Doc's where hot. There was a real odd episode near the end of the series when Howie Mandel (Deal. Or no Deal?) makes a little journey through pergatory. It was real wierd. The cast did include Mark Harmon, who I believe at one point women thought was sexy? No?.

The best part of the show was when Ned Flanders, Dr. Westphal [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Flanders] dropped his drawers and said "You can kiss my entire a$$", and then walked out of the hospital so he could be with and raise his Autistic son. It was classic.....
Guess I got off the subject a little there, oh well.