Friday, July 14, 2006

What does the Mayo Clinic look like?

Why, I'm so glad that I pretended that you asked me that question, because I just happened to take a few photos on our last visit. The clinic is made up of numerous buildings, and according to a "Mayo Facts" pamphlet I picked up while we were waiting around, the entire clinic is 2.9 times the size of The Mall of America. The two main buildings are the Mayo Building (of course) and the Gonda Building. Who was Gonda? I'm not sure. It sounds like a Muppet.

Here's one I took while standing right under the Gonda Building, which is where my doctor's office is located:

A couple better ones of the Gonda Building and the entrance:

These are some cool glass sculpture things inside the Gonda lobby:

And here's a statue of the Mayo brothers, the two doctors who started the clinic:

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