Thursday, July 27, 2006

This old House

I've finally started watching the TV show House on DVD and I love it (Netflix is a glorious thing. I think everyone should sign up). It's about a horribly cranky doctor who hates his patients but is brilliant at diagnosing weird conditions. All of the other doctors will look for the most obvious thing ("This woman has a brain tumor!"), while Dr. House will put together all of these subtle clues and then reveal that she doesn't have a brain tumor after all! It's a tapeworm in her leg!*

It makes me think I should go see Dr. House: "You don't have myeloma after all! It's a tapeworm in your leg!" A worm I could handle. Karen the Killer Bullfrog could eat it.

I also like House because the oncologist is played by the guy from Dead Poets Society who killed himself because he couldn't be in a play. I always thought that was a stupid reason to kill oneself (well, unless it was a really cool play, like Bye, Bye, Birdie), but I've always really liked that guy. I wish he was my oncologist.

* Actual plot of the pilot episode. Seriously.

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Rachel said...

House is the only show I'll actually try to schedule time to watch (except for American Idol, which is convenient, since they were on the same night). He's so cranky! It's a joy to watch. :)