Thursday, July 13, 2006

Return of the Jug

Yesterday, I got a nice surprise in the mail: Another giant pee jug from the Mayo Clinic. Woo!

I also got my official schedule of tests (blood, pee, x-rays, meeting with Dr. Hayman), so everything's all set up for us to go back at the end of August. That seems really soon, but it'll be exactly eight weeks since my last appointment. We're wondering how often we can keep going back there, but we're just going to take it one appointment at a time.

I'm thinking I should come up with a code name for the pee jug. That way I won't have to keep typing "pee jug" all of the time, and you all won't have to read the words "pee jug" every five minutes. Aren't you getting sick of the pee jug? Pee jug, pee jug, pee jug. See?

I'm thinking something like Betty Lou, or Millicent, or Earl. How funny would that be? "I got some odd looks when I carried Earl into the ladies' room with me," or "Don't let WCB crawl into the bathroom; Earl is in there!"


1 comment:

DavidE said...

WLPJ might do?