Sunday, July 23, 2006

Karen was a bullfrog ... was a good friend of mine ...

Ah, what a fun weekend. Our friends Elizabeth and Spencer were here from Omaha with their two little boys, ages three and one. The one-year-old is WCG -- World's Cutest Godson, although Elizabeth told me I should refer to him as NB -- Naughty Baby. He's just very free-spirited and likes to climb stairs and laugh about it.

They're both very sweet kids. The three-year-old likes to play with toy cars from the movie Cars. I haven't seen the movie, but I now know that the purple one is named Ramon, the red one is named Lightning, they're best friends, and they like to drive around the living room. A lot.

We got photos of all three of kids together in the bathtub. I'm going to need to start a file: "Photos to Show WCB's Prom Date in 2022."

On Saturday, we all went to Science City, a kids' science museum at Union Station in Kansas City. I was hanging around the animal display when Jay came sprinting up to me with some marvelous news: One of the frogs on display was named Karen.

Sure enough:

It was a little upsetting, because, well, it wasn't the most attractive frog in the world. I'm a big fan of frogs in general, but take a look at this sucker:


The Internet article I found said that they have loud, obnoxious voices and are very aggressive and will attack people. I'm sure poor Karen The Frog is just misunderstood. If I had to live in a cage at the science museum, I'd attack people, too.


Karen's sister said...

It seems so fitting to have a frog named after you. I remember when we were kids you loved to pick up toads and frogs and pet them (and chase me with them. That and locust shells, which stuck to my clothes). It seems to me that you even kept one as a pet for a short time. It was in a yellow tub, with some sticks and rocks and a makeshift pond. And over the top was some old wire mesh, held down with a brick. All this in your pristine bedroom! But the frog still managed to escape... or maybe it was the crickets you fed it. But anyway, whenever I see a frog or a toad outside now, I think, "Karen should be here to pick it up."

Anonymous said...

Today I named the tree frog that lives in the folded up chair on my deck Karen in your honor. Come on down and meet it some time. Meanwhile, if you are still looking for a name for your surprise rewards packet from Mayo, may I humbly suggest pee pod.


barbschellenberg said...

LOL! That's funny.! When I was living in Texas, we went to the zoo there, and the buffalo was named Barb! LOL! I wonder where the zoo and science center people come up with the names for these creatures?

Laughing Plasma said...

Remember a GP (god parent) is responsibile for the spiritual guidence of WCG. There are many fine potential things to worship from Bullfrog Films.

DavidE said...

Not at all the way Rob described you!!!