Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I still say "The M-Spikes" would be an excellent name for a band

In case any of you scientific types are interested, here's a link to some more information about M-spikes, which are indicators of abnormal protein in the blood of myeloma patients. As you may recall, my M-spike has been on the rise lately.

Lousy, stupid M-spike.

The information is provided by Teresa, a nurse practitioner who blogs about her husband's myeloma treatments. (An aside: Her husband, Richard, was diagnosed over seven years ago and is still going strong! ) Teresa even includes pictures of what an M-spike looks like on the graph that's included with your test results. Thanks, Teresa!

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tk said...

Thanks Karen! I saw Superman this weekend in an IMAX theater. A little too up close and personal...I guess if you like a close up of nose hair and skin pores..The distance scenes were great, however.